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Opening hours:
Tuesday till Friday:   08:30-18:00
Saturday                    10:00-18:00

Sunday & Monday on appointment.
Online: open 24/7

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We are working on improvements on the website. Information will be added daily.

If you need information about ingredients and/or allergies please contact us by phone or email.

We are happy to assist you


Lamb meat

Goat meat

Whole Lamb approx. 9 kilo: 18,75 EU p/kg

1/4 Lamb approx 2.5 kilo: 21,50 EU p/kg 

Whole Goat approx. 7 kilo: 18,75 EU p/kg

1/4 Goat approx 2 kilo: 21,50 EU p/kg 

sold out!
sold out!
sold out!
sold out!

Kokoretsie approx. 1 kilo: 18,00 EU p/kg

Kontosouvli approx 2 kilo: 14,50 EU p/kg 

sold out!
sold out!

orders still taken, availability limited
for payment & delivery we will contact you 

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